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Color Masterbatches Reseller in india

We are a promising Enterprise that believes in Quality n Services and always ready to provide solutions to plastic processing industries for their requirements of master batches and other value additives that add life to their products. We are truly committed and dedicated in our endeavour.Perfection in color matching is a key part of our services. We have a wide range of colors in SCJ brand master batches suitable for all types of thermoplastic.We masterbatches sellers in himachal are here to offer to the entire plastic industry with high-quality innovative enormous variety of shades The tailor-made color matching is done to the zero tolerance level. Long-term relationships built on trust are the foundation of our work

Who we are

We masterbatches sellers in punjab are specified for an optimal price/performance ratio depending on the polymer, processing temperature, proofing (light, weather, migration), the product’s shelf life, tooling and processing technology, mixing and dosing – volumetric or gravimetric – techniques, warp tendency, and chemical resistance.

In addition to opaque and transparent colors we offer many Special Effects through our masterbatches including:

Sprinkle               Sparkle             Metallic

Pearl                 Iridescent            Lumenedge   

We also provide some value additives for the polymers to enhance their properties of

We pride ourselves on our technical know-how

Why Choose Us

Sun International Color Masterbatch meets complex application requirements and tackle difficult base polymers. To provide our customers with high quality product, anywhere, anytime.


To be the industry's acknowledged expert in the production of masterbatches. To work with customers as partners. To offer a level of service which is second to none. A keen sense of responsiveness and sensitivity to our customers need.


Color Masterbatches is committed to produce and deliver defect-free masterbatches, meeting and exceeding our customers' requirements, through continual improvement in all the aspects of work & effective implementation of the Quality Management System".


Close tolerances to match the color, hue and other critical functional properties. Well-equipped laboratory & state-of-the-art pilot plant. Prompt after-sales service & technical assistance.